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Criminal Defense


At the Law Offices of Garcia & Phan, we understand that there may be times when each of you may get into trouble with the law. That is the reason why the firm has developed a strong criminal practice to assist and aggressively represent clients who are being charged with various criminal offenses. Whether you are being criminally charged with a state or federal offense, the firm’s attorneys are here to guide you to safe harbor. From the initial appearance and/or arraignment hearing to the preliminary hearing, and even trial before a jury, the firm’s attorneys will assert your rights at each juncture.

Our firm is not here to accept the prosecution’s settlement offers until it makes sense to do so. Any unreasonable offers by the DA and/or government will be rejected and the matter will be tried. You are in safe hands with the attorneys at Garcia & Phan.

The following are typical criminal offenses and/or matters which we have successfully defended against:

  1. Driving Under the Influence (DUI);
  2. Drug Possession and Transport;
  3. Drug Possession with Intent to Sell;
  4. Domestic Violence;
  5. Battery;
  6. Child Endangerment;
  7. Grand Theft.
  8. Commercial Burglary;
  9. Identity Theft;
  10. Conspiracy;
  11. Medicare/Medi-Cal Fraud; &
  12. Forfeiture Proceedings.

In addition to representing you at each criminal hearing, we will also make ourselves available to you, day or night. It makes perfect sense to choose Garcia & Phan as your trusted attorneys, who are licensed to legally represent you in either state or federal court. Please contact us for a private and confidential consultation to properly assess yours or your family member’s situation. The significance in choosing the right attorney may be the difference between freedom and incarceration.

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