5 Errors That Can Affect Your Personal Injury Claim

5 mistake that can affect your personal injury claim

(Personal Injury Claim) Many Americans are injured as a result of negligence every year. Damage to a person’s physical, mental, or emotional well-being constitutes a personal injury. Traffic accidents are the most common cause of personal injury. Personal injury can be caused by assault and battery, as well as work-related injuries.

Accidental injuries cost a lot of money to fix. You’re not only dealing with the pain and suffering from your physical injury, but you’re also finding it difficult to go about your daily activities. Then there’s the added stress of trying to make ends meet on top of it all. You’re confused and unsure of where to start.

The good news is that our personal injury lawyer can come to your rescue. Get in touch with us at www.garciaphan.com and we will tell you how.

If you believe you have been wronged, you can file a personal injury claim. When submitting an insurance claim, there are several things you should not do.

Top 5 mistakes that can impact your Personal Injury claim negatively.

  • Ignoring medical treatment that is necessary but expensive

It can be costly if you don’t get the right medical care at the right time. Injury lawsuits require a wealth of medical data to be successful. You risk undermining your case if you choose to ignore their objections.

As a result of a personal injury, delayed injuries or certain medical conditions may develop. Any medical records that link the two patients are critical to the claim in these situations.

  • Failure to keep track of evidence and/or important information.

A blunder is failing to retain evidence such as photographs, videos, witness statements, and witness information. All of this serves as evidence and documentation to support your claim and aid your personal injury lawyer is advocating for you.

  • Not involving the cops in a timely manner

A police officer’s statement is critical when filing a claim, so involving and following up with them is critical as well. They’ll look into what happened and get the word out to the appropriate people.

  • Not seeking the help of an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

People often make this blunder after suffering a personal injury. Hiring a personal injury lawyer is something that is put off until later. A personal injury lawyer can assist you in obtaining the monetary compensation you are entitled to. Unlike insurance companies, our personal injury attorneys work solely on behalf of injured clients. Come talk to us about your case.

  • Delaying in filing the lawsuit

When someone is hurt, they put off filing a lawsuit until after they’ve recovered. Most people aren’t aware that each state has its own statute of limitations. A personal injury attorney will be familiar with this rule. This is critical because it establishes the deadline for filing a personal injury lawsuit. If you fail to appear on this date, your case will be dismissed.

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