What You Should Know About California Car Accident Laws in 2023?

Latest California car accident laws in 2023. Understand car accident collision and injury compensation, & how a car accident attorney in California can help you.
The Ultimate Guide to California Car Accident Laws in 2023 | GP

The state of California has set up a range of laws that may be useful at the time of a car accident. These rules define what kinds of damages are accepted as testimony and are liable for car accident injury compensation, how insurance claims get processed, and, if essential, when claims must be initiated. Understanding these restrictions and how they may affect a claim is critical for anybody involved in a California car accident.

According to NHTSA data, fatal accidents have increased in California in 2020. The numbers also indicate that fatal occurrences in California will be at their highest level in at least 10 years in 2022. California recorded at least 4,407 car accident death or car accident fatalities in 2022. to halt and lessen the rising number of accident instances.

In order to address difficulties with car protection, pedestrian safety, and other transportation-related issues in the state, California Car Accident Laws established a number of new regulations that went into effect in January 2023. While increasing road safety, these restrictions have an impact on drivers who share the road with pedestrians and bicycles.

Find out how the new laws will impact Californian drivers in 2023

  1. Notices to Consumers Regarding Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  1. Improved Protections for Cyclists
  1. Catalytic converter theft prevention
  1. Legislative Modifications to Limited-Time Demand Letters
  1. Prohibition of Auto Racing and Car Shows in Off-Street Locations

Minimum Insurance coverage for car accidents in California

Car drivers are considered liable for any accidents they instigate under California law. Each vehicle is required to have insurance coverage with a minimum of $5000 to $30000, according to the state’s insurance code. This claim amount basically depends on the number of persons who died in an accident, bodily injury liability coverage and the damages to the property.

What to Do in the An Incident of a California Car Accident in 2023?

Understanding what to do after a car accident in California is crucial for everybody involved. Check yourself out thoroughly first, then get medical attention if necessary. Second, if you can, look over the other driver and any passengers to see if anyone is hurt. The police or the regional agency in charge of motor vehicle accidents should be notified of the collision.

The California auto accident participants should make every effort to capture the accident scene on camera. They ought to snap photos of the following:

  • Accident site
  • Car damage
  • Traffic signals
  • Visual impediments
  • Any roadside property damage, and
  • Any potentially pertinent signs nearby

Hire a Qualified California law Car Accident Lawyer from our Law Firm

It is crucial that you get in touch with our legal office as soon as possible if you were car accident lawsuit California. Our team of experienced California car accident lawyers can assist you with your claim. During this claim process, the personal injury protection attorneys at our law office undertake a range of tasks, including advising you of your legal rights, managing discussions with the insurance company, drafting a demand letter, and negotiating with the insurance firm.


The new laws for car crashes in California have their rights affected by California, which offers protections and explains the existing laws. To comprehend how the laws impact your rights in the event of an accident, you might require assistance of an expert car accident attorney California. Additionally, to acquire a better understanding of the rules governing auto accidents, make sure to book a consultation with knowledgeable lawyers for car accident right away. Contact Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer  at (714)-586-8298 at Garcia & Phan for a free case evaluation.


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