After a California car accident – FAQs to lawyer In 2023

After a California car accident, ask these crucial questions to personal injury attorneys about statute of limitations, file a lawsuit, and more In 2023.
After a California car accident - FAQs to lawyer In 2023 | GP

A California car accident can have a profound impact on a person’s life, forcing victims to deal with physical wounds, psychological stress, and mounting medical debt. A knowledgeable attorney’s advice can be invaluable during such tough times. To successfully navigate the complexities of a car accident case, it is frequently necessary to hire an attorney. Car accident victims need to be aware of their legal rights and available channels for compensation.

Small scratches or significant damage might result in injuries from auto accidents. It is essential that you get medical help to identify any injuries for the sake of your health and any prospective damage claims. As stated in NHTSA, in 2021, 42,939 people died in motor vehicle crashes, and thus hiring a Garcia & Phan Southern California personal injury lawyer can assist you in bringing a legal action before the statute of limitations expires, giving you the legal options you require to seek restitution for your suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage.

Explore some frequently asked questions regarding the key concerns we must ask a lawyer after a California car accident.

  1. How long do I have to wait after a car accident California before I can file a lawsuit?
    The legal period of limitations in California for filing a lawsuit connected to an automobile accident is normally two years from the date of the incident, depending on the particulars of the case.
  1. How long would it take to settle my car accident case in California?
    A California traffic accident lawsuit may take a few months to many years to be resolved, depending on the conversations and the complexity of the case.
  1. How likely am I to win my automobile accident lawsuit?
    Winning a car accident lawsuit depends on various factors, including evidence, liability, and damages. A skilled attorney can assess your case and provide insights into your chances.
  1. How much compensation settlement might I expect if I win my case?
    The amount of compensation awarded in a California vehicle accident case varies substantially depending on issues such as injuries, property damage, and responsibility. The average cost of an injury increased approximately 2.5 times as injury severity increased across each severity level, from minor to critical. Basically, settlement costs increased with the level of injury severity, from $21,500 for a minor injury to $974,900 for a critical injury.
  1. In California, what should I do if the other driver leaves the site of the collision?
    If the other driver flees the site of the collision, try to get as much information, such as their license plate number, on record. Immediately report the hit-and-run to the police and see a lawyer to learn about your prospects for compensation.

Do you have any California car accident questions in mind? Ask the legal expert Garcia & Phan Southern California.

Have you been involved in a car accident and aren’t sure about your legal rights or what steps to take next? The expert lawyers Garcia & Phan Southern California specialize in handling auto accident cases in California. We are here to assist you with the information and answers you require, whether you are unsure about fault, insurance claims, or pursuing a lawsuit. Don’t be afraid to seek out and obtain the legal assistance you require to manage the complexities of your auto accident issue.


The mental, financial, and bodily damage of a California car accident can be severe. But with the correct legal counsel, you can defend your rights and pursue the financial relief you require. You may confidently navigate the challenging process of a car accident case by asking crucial questions and getting the advice of expert personal injury attorneys. Don’t let the effects of a car accident overwhelm you; take action right now to get the assistance and financial help you need by taking the services of Garcia & Phan Lawyer at (714) 586-8298 Southern California personal injury lawyer.


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