Things you should know about burn injury through a personal injury attorney.

Know about getting compensation for a burn injury? Learn your legal options from a personal injury attorney, including burn claims from residential fires.
Things you should know about burn injury through a personal injury attorney. | GP

In California, burn injuries may give rise to Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claims in several situations, including auto accidents, workplace mishaps, occurrences involving defective products, and premises liability lawsuits. Serious outcomes from burn injuries include deformity, long-term pain, and psychological anguish. Although the severity of these outcomes varies, they frequently include persistent mental and physical difficulties that have a substantial impact on the victims. Therefore, to lessen the burden on burn patients, state law permits them to file a burn injury lawsuit to pursue a compensation settlement payout by taking an attorney’s assistance. Also, the American Burn Association has celebrated National Burn Awareness Week from February 4-10, 2024 additionally to spread the burn prevention techniques. 

For burn damage victims in California seeking justice, our law company guarantees experience in navigating intricate legal procedures, optimizing recompense, and holding accountable parties. Along with actively participating in community outreach, holding seminars, dispersing educational materials, and utilizing social media, Garcia & Phan Southern California’s burn injury attorneys also work to enlighten Californians about their legal rights in burn damage cases. Read the blog fully to know the things you must be aware of about burn injury in the opinion of our personal injury attorney

Common Causes of Burn Injuries:

Burn injuries can originate from several sources, including:

  • Thermal burns: Interaction with flames, warm fluids, steam, or hot objects can cause thermal burns.
  • Electrical burns: Such burns are caused by coming into contact with exposed electrical wires or by using faulty electrical equipment.
  • Chemical burns: Resulting from contact with potentially harmful materials or chemicals.
  • Scald burns: Burns are caused by coming into touch with steam or hot substances.
  • Residential fires: Uncontrolled fires at home causes during cooking causing severe burn injuries.

The degrees of burn injuries that make the victim able to file burn injury compensation claims appointing an Orange County personal injury attorney. 

  • First-degree Burns
    A first-degree burn affects just the skin’s outermost layer. These are the least serious burns a patient can sustain, often healing on their own. They may continue to experience soreness, fluid retention, and redness in the affected area. 
  • Second-degree Burns
    Some portions of the first and second layers of skin get damaged by second-degree burns. These types of burns can take a few weeks or longer time to heal. They also have a reputation for leaving unpleasant scars and blisters behind. 
  • Third-degree Burns
    Of the three, this degree or kind of burn damage is the most lethal. Third-degree burns cause harm to the underlying tissues as well as the layers of our skin. To recuperate, sufferers would require intricate skin transplants.

File Burn Injury Claims with Garcia & Phan Southern California’s personal injury attorneys.

Don’t allow the legal system’s intricacy to prevent you from taking in entitled compensation. Allow Garcia & Phan Southern California Personal Injury lawyers to handle your legal matter. During this challenging period, our attentive burn injury lawyers will offer you all the assistance and direction you require. We will assist you in assembling a compelling case by compiling information and evaluating all of the harm you have experienced. Increasing your chances of receiving just compensation is our aim. With the assistance of an Orange County personal injury attorney, you may concentrate on getting well while we represent you in talks. 


Burn injuries are distinct from other types of personal injury claims in that they demand immediate action to collect damages since they are more severe and have longer-term effects than many other types of injuries. In cases like these, medical care only compensates for physical injury; but, to recoup money losses, you must acquire claim benefits. Garcia & Phan’ at (714) 586-8298 our personal injury attorneys have extensive experience obtaining the benefits our clients require for their claims. Therefore, be sure to contact an Orange County personal injury attorney to obtain compensation for your burn injuries in California.


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