Time Constraints for Filing a Car Accident Lawsuit through Car Accident Lawyer Riverside in 2024.

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Although car accidents happen often in California, especially Riverside, nobody is ever completely ready for the damage they do to our lives. Following a catastrophic automobile accident, wounded persons have various hurdles on their journey to recovery, including property damage, medical bills, missing earnings, and pain and suffering. The state government offers claim compensation settlement amounts to victims of car accidents in California so they can recover all of the losses. Garcia & Phan’s competent car accident lawyer Riverside can help you settle your concerns and build a compelling case for damages if you’re thinking about bringing a lawsuit. 

What is the California statute of limitations for initiating a lawsuit following a car accident?

We ever heard individuals asking how long after a car accident can claim injury. Most automobile accidents have a two-year statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim. There are a few exceptions, such as for government vehicles. All car accident victims and car accident lawsuits are distinct, consequently, yours must be tailored to the facts of their occurrence, injuries, and diagnosis.

To file a lawsuit for an automobile accident case in California in 2024, you must adhere to California Civil Procedure Code Section 335.1’s statute of limitations. This emphasizes the significance of moving swiftly to retain the ability to seek compensation for accident-related losses. Starting the legal procedure right once guarantees a thorough review of the issue, helps talks with insurance companies, and, if required, allows for the filing of a car accident claim lawsuit. 

What sort of damages are covered in a car accident claim?

  • Medical charges: Damages pay for all healthcare expenses, involving hospitalizations, medications, and recovery charges, associated with injuries endured in a California car accident.
  • Lost earnings: Compensation includes lost earnings, guaranteeing restitution for income lost during the time of disability caused by the vehicle accident.
  • Pain and suffering: Car accident victims in California may ask for settlement payment for their bodily and emotional distress triggered by the accident, which would give financial relief for their tough time.
  • Property damage: The cost of fixing or replacing the damaged vehicle or its broken parts as well as any other assets involved in the incident are covered in it.
  • Wrongful death: Funding may be used to aid the deceased’s dependents while paying for the funeral expenses in the event of a serious auto accident.

How can a car accident lawyer in Riverside can assist in submitting a personal injury claim?

A car accident lawyer Riverside is necessary for helping you through the complex steps involved in pursuing a personal injury claim lawsuit in the Golden State. These trained legal professionals assist clients in understanding the claims process and offer legal aid so that the claim is filed on time and within the statute of limitations described in California law. Their proficiency in personal injury legislation enables them to assess damages including lost wages, medical expenses, and emotional distress. Furthermore, when necessary, an experienced car accident lawyer on the riverside can step in to assist consumers in resolving conflicts with insurance providers and taking the appropriate legal action.

Looking for a legal recourse to argue your personal injury case? Talk to us at Garcia & Phan, Southern California.

Looking for legal help to argue your personal injury case? Look no further; contact Garcia & Phan Southern California personal injury lawyer. Our highly professional team of personal injury attorneys are willing to battle for your rights in the state court in addition to achieving the compensation settlement payment you are eligible for. We’re here to help if you’ve been hurt in a car accident, a slip and fall, or any incident. With a commitment to justice, car accident lawyer Riverside handle legal complexity to provide a strong case strategy. Schedule an appointment with us immediately and take the first step toward obtaining fair compensation.


Entrust your case to Garcia & Phan Southern California’s personal injury lawyer. We are prepared to argue for your legal privileges, explain the process of law, and win the compensation you deserve. Schedule a consultation today to begin your path to justice. Our skilled car accident lawyer Riverside is dedicated to delivering individualized assistance, making your well-being a top concern throughout the legal procedure. Contact us at (714) 586-8298 right now for a private consultation regarding your personal injury claim.


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