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Every state has its own rules addressing situations where a dog attacks someone. California law’s Section 3342 outlines the court proceedings in dog attack cases. Anything injury or damage that happens when a dog attacks a person when they are in a public or private place is the owner’s legal responsibility. This is true even in situations where the owner is aware of the dog’s violent tendencies. In most dog bite instances, a settlement is reached. In a dog bite case, a settlement is an agreed-upon outcome. The dog’s owner or, more frequently, their homeowner’s insurance policy will pay you back for your losses. Further, build a connection with an Orange County dog bite attorney at Garcia & Phan Southern California to learn more about the benefits available to you after a dog bite incident in the state.

When is it illegal to not report a dog bite in California? 

Most clients ask us “If someone’s dog bites me can I sue them” What do the state’s dog bite laws say about this? You must be aware that you are lawfully entitled to sue the dog owner and initiate a dog bite lawsuit. Remember that it is illegal to reveal a dog bite without reporting it if the victim has injuries that need more than basic first assistance. In light of California’s strict liability laws, dog owners are obligated by law to report every event in which their dog bites someone and causes harm, regardless of how serious the bite may be. If the property owner withholds information about such incidents, they might face fines and perhaps legal accountability for the victim’s losses.

A quick outlook on the average dog bite settlement in California.

If a dog bite causes fractures or infections that necessitate surgery, the average dog bite settlement might range from $100,000 to $300,000. Moreover, moderate to severe injuries needing medical attention are usually covered by Level 4 dog bite settlements. Depending on the specifics of the case, compensation may be awarded for pain and suffering, lost earnings, medical costs, and even punitive damages. The compensation amount for a Level 4 dog bite settlement is slightly larger because of the damages. However, several factors influence the typical dog bite settlement amounts for dog bite injuries in California. 

The top ten criteria that have the most impact on the minor dog bite settlement amounts are outlined below: 

  1. Severity of Injuries
  2. Medical Expenses
  3. Lost Wages
  4. Permanent Disfigurement
  5. Emotional Distress
  6. Future Medical Costs
  7. Insurance Coverage
  8. Negligence
  9. Provocation
  10. Legal Representation

How can an attorney for dog bites at Garcia & Phan Southern California help you?

The Garcia & Phan Southern California’s dog bite injury attorney assists dog bite injury victims in obtaining just monetary compensation through insurance settlements or successful jury judgments in personal injury cases. We can initiate a lawsuit, hold dog owners responsible, and obtain settlements that lessen medical expenses and psychological distress by proving carelessness and strict responsibility. In addition to fighting and winning your dog bite settlement action, get in touch with an expert Orange County dog bite attorney if you or a family member were harmed by a dog bite. 


Your legal right to pursue compensation for a dog bite injury in California is unavoidable, and our dog bite attorneys are committed to helping you navigate every step of the procedure. Connect with an Orange County dog bite attorney right now to discuss your case and learn more about the range of legal choices you have. Let the dog bite personal injury lawyer at Garcia & Phan Southern California defend you and fight in court on your behalf to obtain the fair compensation you are entitled to; time is of the essence. Call (714) 586-8298 to Seek the advice of a dog bite attorney on dog bite settlements.


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