5 Crucial Steps to Take When You’re at Fault Car Accident: Protect Your Rights and Win.

Discover 5 essential steps after an at-fault car accident. Safeguard your rights and navigate the claim process effectively.
5 Crucial Steps to Take When You're at Fault Car Accident Protect Your Rights and Win. | GP

Whenever an individual in California is involved in a car accident, many drivers consider several factors, including whether they are to blame for the incident and the consequences if they are. The party that caused the collision will be liable for the damages since California does not have a no-fault system. In the case of a collision, drivers need to understand how this affects not just other cars but also themselves. However, figuring out who is at fault for an accident is an essential phase in the process. In California, the facts surrounding the occurrence are considered when deciding who is at fault. These factors encompass the engaged drivers’ driving behaviors, the road’s condition, and any other relevant variables. The California Civil Code sections 1431-1431.5, evaluate fault and liability in car accidents when multiple parties might have the guilt of the collision.

Further, if you are thinking about how to settle a car accident claim without a lawyer? Then you must be aware that handling a claim case in the Golden State without taking the advice of a legal professional is quite tough. Additionally, you can save your legal liberties and win the respectful car accident compensation claim settlement amount by following the legal guidance provided by the expert attorneys at our law firm.

Below are the 5 crucial steps you must take to protect and win your rights:

  • Evaluate the Situation: In California, safety should come first following an at-fault car accident. If at all feasible, check for injuries and relocate to a safe area. Wait until all information is apparent before assuming anything.
  • Record the Event and Call the Police: Regardless of how serious the auto accident is, you should still summon the police to the site. They will record the incident and ascertain the responsible party in compliance with auto collision legislation. Take photographs of the disaster scene involving damages and injuries that occurred, these images show the extent of the injuries, the condition of the road, and the damage to the vehicle.
  • Notify Your Insurer: Report the car accident to the insurer promptly. They will assist you in filing your claim for a car accident and, if needed, will put you in touch with a car accident lawyer in Orange County. 
  • File a Car Accident Claim by staying with the Statute of Limitations: Claim losses from an automobile accident with your insurance provider. Give them all the information they need, and assist them completely with their investigation. Additionally, be mindful of California’s statute of limitations while striving for a personal injury claim. You can give up your entitlement and compensation for an at-fault car accident if you neglect this due date for claim filing.
  • Recognize the fault and maintain detailed documents: Comprehend the Californian process for filing personal injury claims. Compensation is determined by the proportionate degree of at-fault car accident, as per the state’s comparative negligence standards. Make careful track of all the expenses related to the crash, including any medical bills and car repairs. These records are going to be very important proof in your auto accident lawsuit. 

Garcia & Phan Southern California Personal Injury lawyer for car accident claims will help you identify who is at fault in a car accident in CA.

Garcia & Phan Southern California’s car accident claims lawyer is committed to assisting you in identifying the responsible party in a vehicle collision. Our extensive knowledge of California car collision law allows us to thoroughly examine all available information, including witness accounts, police reports, and other documents, to establish who is at fault. To defend your rights and get the money you are due, a car accident lawyer in Orange County will put out endless effort whether you were hurt in a rear-end collision, junction accident, or any other kind of auto accident. 


Are you willing to fight for justice following an at-fault car accident in California? For a consultation, get in touch with Garcia & Phan Southern California’s skilled auto accident lawyer at (714) 586-8298 right now. Car accident lawyer in Orange County can help you find out who is at fault, clarify your entitlements, and navigate the legal maze successfully. Our staff will clash in the courtroom for the settlement payment you are due, whether you are looking to file a claim or involved in a dispute.


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