Understanding Pedestrian Accident Injuries: Types and Legal help from personal injury lawyers.

Understand pedestrian accident injuries and legal help from dedicated personal injury lawyers. Get assistance with pedestrian accident liability.
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What is a pedestrian accident? all we know is that it’s an incident we all have witnessed multiple times which happens on the street in which a vehicle strikes a person walking, often resulting in serious injury or fatality. In, California do you know what happens if you hit a pedestrian jaywalking? We are a team of competent lawyers at the leading pedestrian accident law firm “Garcia & Phan Southern California” and every single day we receive many queries like this, also sometimes our clients ask our personal injury attorney in Los Angeles “I hit someone with my car and they walked away”. If you are looking for answers to such queries from the point of view of a pedestrian accident attorney then you must understand that if you hit a jaywalker who is at fault for the pedestrian accident then as per the state vehicle law you will be held for pedestrian accident liability to give financial aid to the victim to recover their losses, damages, injuries along with their medical cost, convenience fee, lawyer fees, etc. Keep in mind that the liability for pedestrian hit or pedestrian accident injuries along with its penalty charges is different which is based on the type of pedestrian accident.

Now understand the types of type pedestrian accidents:

  • Crosswalk Accidents
  • Intersection Accidents
  • Hit-and-Run Accidents
  • Back-Up Accidents
  • Vehicle Speeding
  • Distracted Driving

Take a glimpse at the Legal help in California available when a pedestrian is struck by a car:

  1. Assistance with Legal action
    A personal injury attorney in Los Angeles offers strong litigation support, defending victims in court to obtain the compensation they are entitled to if a just settlement cannot be achieved.
  2. No-Cost Initial Advice
    To help victims discuss their pedestrian accident injury lawsuits, learn about their legal rights, and assess possible solutions without having to commit financially, law firms frequently offer free initial consultations.
  3. Insurance Deals Debate
    To achieve fair compensation for healthcare expenses, recovery costs, and other losses, professional lawyers bargain with insurers on behalf of an injured individual.

Witnessed a truck collide with a jaywalker in California? Meet us at Garcia & Phan Southern California to learn the best legal remedies.

In California, it is important to be aware of your legal options if you see a truck hit a jaywalker. The knowledgeable attorneys for pedestrian accident injuries at Garcia & Phan Southern California can offer you the support you require. Since we focus on personal injury and accident cases, we make sure that every detail—from witness accounts to liability concerns—is carefully considered. A personal injury attorney in Los Angeles provides thorough legal help, regardless of whether you are the victim looking for compensation or a witness hoping to strengthen the case.


If you were in a vehicle accident involving a jaywalker/pedestrian or saw one happen, get professional legal advice by getting in touch with Garcia & Phan Southern California. Our committed staff will guide you through the intricacies of your situation, making sure you are aware of your choices and rights. Don’t handle this difficult circumstance of pedestrian accident injuries alone; let us offer you the assistance and counsel you require to get the best result. Make an appointment for a free consultation at (714) 586-8298 with competent pedestrian accident injury lawyers right now to begin the process of obtaining justice and just compensation.


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