Types of Car Accidents & Legal Implications for your personal injury case.

Discover the legal implications of different Types of Car Accidents on personal injury cases in California. Get insights on injuries, medical bills, and legal actions.
5 Different Types of Car Accidents & its Legal Implementation. | GP

Car accidents are always frightening, regardless of the cause: losing control of the steering or brakes; poor roads; difficult vehicle conditions; driving while intoxicated; or being irresponsible toward oneself or the person in front of you. In addition to causing damage to all of the cars involved, car crashes seriously hurt drivers and passengers as well. Sometimes, in some unexpected situations, due to fast collisions between vehicles, the driver or the passenger has to face permanent disability. But do you know that different types of car accidents happen in California and for the injuries caused by them, the accused person can file a lawsuit to get personal injury compensation under different laws? In this guide created by Garcia & Phan, Southern California’s personal injury lawyer we will talk about the different types of car accidents and their legal implications.

Types of car accidents & their legal implications in California:

  • Rear-end collisions: Rear-end accidents generally involve two vehicles striking from behind. Under California Vehicle Code Section 21703, the driver of the back vehicle is considered to be at fault in such cases of auto accidents in the Golden State.
  • Side-impact (T-bone) collisions: This is a particular kind of accident that typically occurs when two vehicles collide side by side. Mostly the driver who breaks California Vehicle Code Section 21800 by refusing to provide the right-of-way risks legal consequences.
  • Head-on car crashes: These occur when two cars meet head-on. Poor driving, which includes driving being drunk and distracted—both are prohibited by the state Vehicle Code Sections 23152 and 23123.5
  • Single-vehicle incidents: These types of car accidents in the Golden State are caused by obstacles, stormy weather, or driver’s mistakes. If a vehicle’s defect caused a manufacturer’s behavior, they can be held liable to pay penalties or compensation under product liability laws and the California Civil Code Section 1714.10.
  • Multi-vehicle pile-ups: Determining who is responsible in these intricate scenarios of several automobile collisions may prove to be difficult. Section 1431.2 of the California Civil Code states that the comparative fault system evaluates the involvement of each motorist in the collision and may lead to shared culpability.

With the best car accident attorney at Garcia & Phan take a detailed grasp on the statute of limitations for car accidents.

The auto accident attorneys at Garcia & Phan understand how important it is to know and follow the statute of limitations in California when it comes to initiating car accident lawsuits for car accidents. Adhering to the statute of limitations car accident victims in the state have two years to file reports for any injuries that they have gotten. Property damage, missed income, medical costs, and pain and suffering may all be covered in this instance. Medical expenditures are rising, thus it’s essential to diagnose an injury as soon as possible by consulting a medical professional. Navigating the legal choices can be made easier by hiring the best car accident attorney. Personal injury attorneys guide potential damages and respond to frequently asked questions regarding auto accidents to guarantee that vehicle accident claims are submitted within the statute of limitations.


If you want to protect and utilize your rights, you must understand California’s statute of limitations for traffic accidents. The goal of Garcia & Phan’s personal injury lawyers is to assist those hurt in auto accidents to recognize their legal rights at (714) 586-8298. Dealing with auto accident injuries, medical bills, and other potential losses should not be ignored or delayed. Give our best car accident attorney a try so they can help you understand your legal choices and make sure you receive the compensation to which you are due.


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