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Injuries due to the negligence or willful intent of others deserve just compensation. Garcia & Phan are aggressive litigators who will fight to obtain the highest possible settlement or judgment for your injuries.

Most cases are taken on a contingency in which you pay nothing unless we obtain money from the other party or defendant.

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Your livelihood is at stake in your case, and our Garcia & Phan law firm will work to gain a full understanding of your unique situation. Our attorneys will listen, and we have the skills, resources and determination to maximize your compensation for losses and damages. Founded by Juan D. Garcia and Robert N. Phan has protected individuals for over 20 years. We have obtained tens of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients, winning precedent-setting court cases and expanding the legal rights of all California citizens in the process.

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With our experience and history, we more often than not, have had encounters with both your employer and its defense counsel, which translates into increased recoveries.
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Most cases are taken on a contingency in which you pay nothing unless we obtain money from the other party or defendant.

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The Garcia & Phan Personal Injury Lawyers have been helping injured people receive compensation for serious and life-changing injuries. Whether it be a car accident, motorcycle accident, scooter accident, or other personal injuries, we have experts on our team who can help you out. Get to know our accident attorneys and reach out to us to help with your California injury case.

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A personal injury case begins when you file a summons and complaint in the appropriate Nevada court. According to the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 4, you start a case by taking a summons and complaint to the court clerk of the court where you’re filing the case.

The clerk accepts the filing and returns your copies so that you can serve the defendant with their copy of the filing documents. Your complaint must include all of the grounds to bring your case and all of your demands for recovery.

  • Take photos of your injuries
  • Visit a doctor if you haven’t already
  • If you have visited a doctor, follow their care plan and attend all follow-up appointments
  • Write down a narrative of what happened while it’s still fresh in your head
  • Make a list of witnesses and their contact information if you know it
  • Follow any additional instructions from your attorney

The vast majority of personal injury cases don’t go to trial. Most resolve by settlement before the trial date arrives. A case is most likely to go to trial when the facts are in dispute or when there’s a contested legal issue, and the court may rule either way.

The more carefully you build your case, the more likely it is that you and the other party can agree on the strength of your evidence and reach an appropriate settlement. If your case is in the minority of cases that go to trial, your attorney can help prepare you for what to expect.

There’s no way to precisely value your claim, but you can guess the approximate value. The value of your claim includes your economic damages like costs for medical treatment, lost wages, paying for help you need around the home, and physical therapy.

You total these losses and then apply a multiplier of 1-1.5 for moderate injuries and up to 5 for severe cases to account for pain and suffering. You should also evaluate the defendant’s resources and their ability to pay.

Every case depends on the unique set of facts present in the case. An experienced injury attorney can give you more specific answers to these questions based on the actual circumstances of your case.

An attorney helps you handle each step in the case in a way that’s calculated to help you get the result that you’re looking for. Your lawyer will take the time to get to know you, your priorities, and the details of your case. They can then guide you through the process to get the maximum compensation possible.

A personal injury is a civil case. It’s not a criminal case where someone can be convicted of a crime and go to jail. Instead, a civil lawsuit can result in a finding of responsibility that makes the responsible party pay money to the victim. There are lots of types of cases that are personal injury cases like car accidents, slip and falls, and defective product accidents.

Fair compensation for pain and suffering is proportional to your injuries. The more severe and permanent your injuries are from the accident, the higher your pain and suffering compensation must be to be fair. In a case with severe injuries and lifelong suffering, you may claim pain and suffering damages that are as much as five times your amount of financial losses. In minor injury cases, your pain and suffering may be slightly less or equal to the amount of your financial losses.

No, pain and suffering doesn’t include medical bills. But you have a right to claim full compensation for all of your medical bills as part of your injury case. In fact, your pain and suffering compensation is on top of and in addition to your compensation for medical bills.