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Chino City, CA, has long been recognized as an agriculture and dairy farming center in Southern California. It also has been recognized several times as one of the “100 Best Communities for Youth.” Auto accidents – whether they cause major or minor injury – diminish the joy of living in a Chino city, even as lovely as Chino city, and take away opportunities to live, work, earn, and play.

 Our Chino car accident attorneys have recovered over $400 Million over the last 10+ years serving the community. We help individuals and families navigate the legal field when there is an accident. We are dedicated to advancing rights after an accident and work tirelessly to ensure those injured aren’t paying for the neglect of another driver.

When Should You Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Chino?

After an accident, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. Hesitating to seek representation can damage your case. A lawyer can prevent these missteps, whether it’s mishandling a critical conversation with an insurance adjuster or accepting a bad offer from the insurance company.

The sooner you contact our Chino personal injury attorney, the better we can represent your case.

What Is Personal Injury Law?

Personal injury law aims to hold people and companies accountable for injuries they cause to someone’s person, property, rights, or reputation. This area of law helps ensure that the injured victims did not bear the burden of their injuries when an accident was someone else’s fault.

If you have suffered a car crash, slip, and fall, or another mishap that was not your fault or not entirely your fault, you should not bear the entire financial burden of your injuries. At The Garcia & Phan Law Group, our personal injury attorneys have helped accident victims receive compensation for:

  • Medical bills, past, present, and future

  • Physical injury

  • Lost earnings

  • Impairment of future earnings

  • Property damage

  • Lifestyle changes

  • Loss of support of loved ones

  • Loss of consortium

  • Loss of society and companionship

  • Other types of loss

How much is my personal injury claim worth?

The value of your claim will rely on the nature and extent of the injuries, damages and losses you have sustained. For example, if the incident resulted only in property damage or in minor injuries such as scrapes or bruises that did not require you to seek medical treatment, then your case may not be worth much. However, if you did suffer injuries serious enough to require hospitalization you may be eligible to receive much more in terms of compensation. Negligence is also a crucial element in a personal injury case, which might affect the amount of compensation you receive.

What Evidence is Needed to Win a Personal Injury Case?

Winning your case is our ultimate goal. In order to do so, your personal injury attorney will build the strongest case possible. It is best to support your legal claim with as much relevant evidence as possible.

One of the first things a personal injury victim should look to do once they are no longer in danger is to compile as much evidence as possible.

These are some of the items which can prove most useful:

  • A clear account of the incident, including the location, those involved, what happened, the time it occurred, etc.
  • Medical records and documentation of your injuries.
  • Witness statements and their contact information.
  • Photos and or videos of the incident, injuries, those involved, etc.

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Yes. In most instances, we quickly arrange for a rental car for you so you can get on with your normal activities, and we make sure you get the car you need.  Do you have a case? 

Like any other profession, the quality of legal services varies tremendously from one lawyer to the next. Some lawyers are barely competent others are outstanding leaders of the legal community. These days, clients can use the internet to obtain information about a prospective lawyer. Internet searches can provide information on the attorney’s experience and trial results. I provide information about my actual results on this website so prospective clients can make the best decisions when hiring a lawyer and feel comfortable that the Garcia & Phan Law Firm has proven experience and results.

NO! Our office policy is straightforward and clear: We Don’t Get Paid Unless You Get Money from the Insurance Company! This means that if we don’t get you some monetary recovery, you will not owe us any fees. It’s as simple as that. No money upfront, and no hourly fees. This policy allows us to aggressively fight for the maximum recovery for you and your loved ones. No matter how long the case takes, we will be there fighting for your rights.

Yes. If you have lost earnings or have lost the ability to earn money in the future as a result of your accident, our office fight aggressively to get all of the money you have lost back for you.