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Car accident lawyer at Garcia & Phan Law Firm understand that these collisions are one of the biggest causes of major injuries and sudden fatalities in all of California. Annually thousands of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians get critically injured because of every other’s reckless or negligent driving. Most alarming is that lots of those incidences don’t get reported. Unfortunately for victims, most are not even aware of their rights as injured people

Some Of The Most Commonly Asked Car Accident Questions:

  • Hurt in a car accident?
  • Why choose our accident injury lawyer?
  • Common Types of Car Accidents
  • What are the factors that contribute to car crashes?
  • Which are the most common car accident injuries?
  • What should you do after a car crash?
  • What are the statute of limitations for filing a car accident lawsuits?
  • Car accident law
  • When do most accidents occur?
  • Product Defect in Car Accidents
  • Most Dangerous Vehicles
  • Who is Most Likely to be killed ?

Hurt In a Car Accident? Hire the professional Orange County Accident Lawyer

Insurance companies are notorious for undervaluing victims’ damages in a car accident. Our attorneys of car accident will handle all major accident and injury cases and are well skilled in dealing with insurance companies and adjusters.  Unlike many other law firms, after you hire car accident lawyer in Orange County to handle your car accident claim, Garcia & Phan Law Firm will handle your case in order to implement a strategy aimed at maximizing the value of your case.  We have built our reputation in procuring money for our clients.

Medical Bills And Treatment: This Includes all Bills Associated with your Automobile Accident

  • Future medical bills: Often times, your pain will continue for years, or even the remainder of your life. You deserve to compensated for your future medical treatment
  • Loss of wages: Due to time lost at work.
  • Reduced earning capacity: Although insurance companies are notorious for devaluing or denying completely the long term consequences of your accident, our experts will prove extra damages
  • Pain and suffering: We know the complexities of both the accident and the types of injuries associated with them.
  • Emotional distress: The impact of your accident often extends beyond just physical damages, and will affect the victim psychologically.
  • Loss of Consortium: relates to the loss of marital relations.

What to Do When You are Involved in a Car Accident in orange county?

Assess Yourself for Injuries
Check on Your Passengers
Find Somewhere Safe
Call the Police
Exchange Information with the Other Driver
Inform Your Insurer and Start Processing Your Claims

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Take a look at common questions

Yes. In most instances, we quickly arrange for a rental car for you so you can get on with your normal activities, and we make sure you get the car you need.  Do you have a case? 

Like any other profession, the quality of legal services varies tremendously from one lawyer to the next. Some top attorneys are barely competent others are outstanding leaders of the legal community. These days, clients can use the internet to obtain information about a prospective lawyer. Internet searches can provide information on the attorney’s experience and trial results. I provide information about my actual results on this website so prospective clients can make the best decisions when hiring a lawyer and feel comfortable that the Garcia & Phan Law Firm has proven experience and results.

NO! Our office policy is straightforward and clear: We Don’t Get Paid Unless You Get Money from the Insurance Company! This means that if we don’t get you some monetary recovery, you will not owe us any fees. It’s as simple as that. No money upfront, and no hourly fees. This policy allows us to aggressively fight for the maximum recovery for you and your loved ones. No matter how long the case takes, we will be there fighting for your rights.

Yes. If you have lost earnings or have lost the ability to earn money in the future as a result of your accident, our trusted attorneys fight aggressively to get all of the money you have lost back for you.