If you have sustained physical or financial injuries due to a defective product or a company’s dishonest actions, contact the Sacramento class action attorneys at Garcia & Phan today. Your initial consultation is free, and we only get paid when we obtain a recovery or settlement for your claim.

What Is A Class Action LawSuit?

Generally, this type of lawsuit is filed on behalf of many victims who have been injured by the same defective product or company misconduct. All victims are represented in one lawsuit, therefore each individual with a claim against the same company is not required to file a separate lawsuit.

All victims are represented in one lawsuit.

The lawsuit is initiated by one or more people who feel they have been wronged by a company’s actions or its defective product. This person (or group of persons) meets with an attorney, who then files a suit on behalf of the individual(s) and all others who may have been harmed by the at-fault company.

If the courts recognize the suit as valid, other people who were similarly wronged by the company are notified of the lawsuit and given an opportunity to join.

Such lawsuits allow a large number of victims—sometimes, hundreds of thousands—to stand up against the most powerful corporations in the world and hold them accountable for their wrongdoings.

Additionally, these lawsuits allow victims, whose damages are not severe enough to warrant an individual lawsuit, to combine their cases with others to increase the possibility of each victim receiving compensation.

Can I File A Class Action LawSuit?

There are many instances in which a class action lawsuit may be necessary. For example, if a pharmaceutical company sells a drug without warning doctors or patients about the defective drug’s potentially deadly side effects, a lawsuit may be filed against the pharmaceutical company. Victims can then contact an attorney to determine if they are eligible to join the lawsuit. 

There are four different types of class action lawsuits that individuals may be eligible to join. The four types are:

  • Product Liability/Personal Injury. This type of claim is brought against a company that manufactures or sells a product that causes injury or death to consumers. Some examples include defective vehicle airbags, drugs with harmful side effects, or unsafe children’s toys.
  • Consumer. Consumer cases are prompted by the unethical and illegal practices of a company, most notably when such practices result in financial injury to consumers. Examples include hidden charges on bills, excessive penalties for late payments, or blatant disregard for consumer protection laws.
  • Employment. Employment claims can be filed against companies that violate labor codes, such as refusing to pay overtime, failing to provide a safe workplace, or discriminating against its employees.
  • Securities. Typically, these suits are filed on behalf of investors who have sustained financial injury as a result of a corporation’s deceptive behaviour, such as over-inflating profits, concealing losses, or failing to disclose buy-outs or other financially risky behaviours.


If you have questions or concerns about joining a class action lawsuit, contact the experienced lawyers at Garcia & Phan today. We will review you case for free and help determine the best legal options for you.

How Do I Choose A Class Action Attorney?

Because class action law is complex, it is important to look for a lawyer who has a significant amount of experience with such cases. And, because there are four different types of class action lawsuits, it is best to choose an attorney who has experience in the type of lawsuit you wish to pursue.

For example, an attorney who regularly handles employment class action lawsuits may not be the best choice for a product liability/personal injury class action case, and vice-versa.

At the Garcia & Phan, our attorneys have extensive experience handling class action lawsuits where many people have been harmed by a faulty product or a company’s unethical actions. We are fully dedicated to using our knowledge and resources to successfully represent our clients, and we are prepared to bring our experience to work on every case we handle.

Although we have years of class action litigation experience, we limit our class action lawsuits to cases we believe in, which allows us to make a difference for each and every client we represent. If you have been injured by a defective product or by the actions of an unethical company, don’t delay; contact Garcia & Phan Legal Corporation  for a free consultation. You may qualify for monetary compensation.

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