ESOP Facts

ESOP Facts


    There are approximately 11,500 ESOPs in the U.S.


    Approximately 10 million employees (10% of the private sector workforce).


    Approximately 3% of their total compensation from ESOP contributions.


    330 ESOPs ( 3%) are publicly traded companies.


    Approximately 4,500 ESOP companies are majority-owned by the ESOP.


    Approximately 3,000 are 100% owned by the ESOP.


    About 2% of ESOP companies are unionized.


    20% of ESOP’s are in the manufacturing sector.


    Total assets owned by U.S. ESOPs is estimated to be $870 billion at the end of 2010.


    70% of ESOP companies are or were leveraged, meaning they used borrowed funds to acquire the employer securities held by the ESOP trustee.

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