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Foreclosure Defense

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Foreclosure Defense


If you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments or on the verge of losing your house to foreclosure, you need to contact us now.

At the Law Offices of GARCIA & PHAN, we are experienced and aggressive real estate attorneys who will protect and assert your legal rights as homeowners and borrowers against unscrupulous mortgage lenders and their agents by litigating against those who choose not to comply with either state or federal laws.

More often than not, homeowners, who are facing foreclosure, stand idly by and do nothing while their lenders take ownership and title of their homes through a Trustee’s Sale and subsequently evict these families, only to list the same property for sale to someone else at an auction. If you have a legitimate claim against your mortgage lender, this is your time to fight back!

Prior to accepting your case, we will review your loan documents and any recorded documents with the County Recorder to determine whether your mortgage lender has fully complied with the law. Based upon our expert review, we will be able to determine whether litigation is a viable tool to enforce your rights against these mortgage lenders and their agents.

If your home is important to you, then you need to act now and contact us.

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