Just one single misstep can lead to devastating injuries that affect you for the rest of your life, changing everything you know within a matter of seconds. If you have been the victim of a slip and fall accident, then you owe it to yourself and your family to hold the responsible party accountable. Serious injuries can result from what appears to be a minor fall, leading to neck, spine, and even brain trauma that can change the quality of your life and leave you unable to work. Contacting an Orange County slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible following your injury is important to preserving your right to collect damages. Data from the County of Los Angeles Public Health Department shows that there were nearly 32,000 non-fatal fall injuries serious enough to require hospitalization reported in L.A. County during 2010 alone.

How Slip And Falls Occur?

Slip and falls occur as a result of the foot of a person and its relationship to the surface the person is on. Southern California slips and falls, generally involve wet, oily or waxy floors while no warning signs are posted. Although the floor might appear to be safe for walking on, the clear composition of many substances can contribute to serious slip and fall injuries. Loose or unanchored rugs or mats might also result in a slip and fall, as could floors or other surfaces that don’t have the same amount of traction in different areas.

How Trip And Falls Occur?

Trip and falls might occur with uneven surfaces or result from objects in the walking pathway. Trip and falls are often caused by:

  • Obstructions and/or poor lighting
  • Uneven sidewalk slabs
  • Holes in sidewalks or streets
  • Wrinkled carpeting or mats
  • When a person steps from a higher elevation to a lower on

Whether slipping and falling or tripping and falling, the person is off balance for a split second and falls. We’re off balance for that split second every time we take a step. All it takes is a slip or trip in that fraction of a second of being off balance. Although most commonly occurring at work, these accidents also occur at big box stores and smaller businesses, at home and on publicly held property.

How To Prove Your Slip and Fall Accident Wasn’t Your Fault?

Slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere. They may happen at your place of work, at your grocery store, or even on your neighbor’s property. Slip and fall accidents can happen anyplace because there are so many potential causes for a slip and fall accident. What some people fail to realize is that, just because everyone isn’t slipping and falling in the same spot, doesn’t mean that your slip and fall was your own fault. It’s awful when you slip and fall and sustain an injury and other people are trying to make it look like you are the one to blame. Here’s how to prove your slip and fall accident wasn’t your fault.

#1. You Must Prove Negligence

If you hope to receive any kind of compensation for the injuries you sustained in your slip and fall, you must prove negligence. Showing that it was an accident isn’t enough. A slip and fall that warrants any kind of compensation has to be shown to be as a direct result of another person or another entity’s negligence. The other party that was negligent could be a business entity, or it could be an individual person, but they had to have been negligent in preventing the accident.

#2. Show That You Followed the Rules

If you broke a rule that resulted in the slip and fall, you and your slip and fall accident attorney may have a more difficult time of proving that it wasn’t your fault. After all, if you behaved in a reckless manner, and then you slipped and fell, it could be argued that it was your own fault. But if you can show that you followed the rules, then chances are that your Orange County slip and fall accident lawyer will be able to prove to the court that the slip and fall wasn’t your fault.

#3. Get the Help of a Garcia & Phan

If you or a loved one suffered an injury from a fall or unsafe conditions on someone’s property, we want to hear from you! You might be due compensation from the property owner because of their negligence. Contact the Garcia & Phan slip and fall accident attorney team in Orange County about your case! Call us today! (714) 586-8298

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