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We pride ourselves on providing legal solutions to our client’s unique needs. You’ll see how Juan Garcia balance our actions and uphold the law with integrity and honor.

We will always strive to obtain the maximum return for our clients, whether each unique case is settled out of court or resolved by getting a jury verdict. Furthermore, Juan Garcia fight for rights by assertively challenging those who wrong us whenever necessary. Most importantly, you will discover our ability to balance these actions carefully and uphold the law with absolute integrity and honor.

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Overview And Experience

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Juan Garcia graduated Cum Laude from California Western School of Law in San Diego. He was a member of Law Review and a member of the school’s negotiating team which competed in the Western Nationals.  Juan interned at the Federal Court for the Southern District and at the San Diego District Attorney’s gang unit.  
Like most of his clients, Juan believes family and community service is paramount.  Juan was a member of the board of directors for the American Lung Association for Orange County.  He and his wife enjoy coaching their son’s basketball team.  He is a recent recipient of the prestigious Life & Hope Community Hero Award.  Juan is also fluent in Spanish.

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Juan Garcia founded GARCIA & PHAN in 2003 with the single goal of providing injured people with tenacious representation against insurance companies who care more about the bottom line than proving fair compensation.  Juan, a work injury lawyer has successfully litigated and tried complex and diverse cases including catastrophic injuries, traumatic brain injuries, products liabilities, class actions, wrongful death, and paralysis cases resulting in millions of dollars in compensation for his clients. On a number of occasions, he has successfully advocated for his injured clients before the court of appeals.

Juan believes his unique background gives him the ability to always fiercely advocate for all his injured clients.  Juan had a humble upbringing in Santa Ana and raised by immigrant parents who taught him that success is measured by how much good you do for others.  As a result, Juan will do everything possible in every case to secure maximum compensation for his injured clients.

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