Will Uber compensate you if you get injured in an Uber Accident?

Uber has revolutionized the way people travel, but it has also come under fire for several incidents involving its drivers and passengers.
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Uber is the most popular transportation service on the planet. It’s a ride-sharing service founded in 2009. Uber has revolutionized the way people travel, but it has also come under fire for several incidents involving its drivers and passengers. Uber drivers are no different from other drivers on the road, and they make mistakes. What’s different is that your Uber driver is most likely an independent contractor without a company to help cover their mistakes, which means you could be left holding the bag.

In 2016 alone, several severe Uber accidents have left passengers seriously injured or worse. The accident occurrence was so frequent some called on the government to regulate the company to protect drivers and passengers. Uber has been controversial in many places where it has operated. On December 16, 2013, an Uber driver struck and killed a 6-year-old girl in San Francisco. Uber initially responded by saying that “the driver did not have a passenger at the time of the accident and was not carrying anyone else’s ride.”

Uber’s response to this tragedy was callous and immoral at best. This shameless dodging of responsibility shows us how fickle getting compensation is through huge companies. Hence, getting professional legal help to maneuver through these situations is the best example.

When involved in an Uber accident, your first course should be proper medical care. Then consult an experience Uber Accident or Personal Injury Attorney to know your rights.

Uber Drives and Insurance

According to your Uber driver’s policy, you get injured in an Uber accident, you can file a damage claim. However, Uber does not mandate all its drivers to get an individual policy as a personal enterprise. That is dependent on the laws of your state. Uber drivers need to carry private auto insurance that covers them when using their vehicle for commercial purposes in most states. However, there are some exceptions.

Because California has relatively low minimum insurance requirements for drivers, someone injured in an Uber accident may find that the driver’s auto insurance policy doesn’t fully cover their losses.

It is necessary to note that the driver’s insurer may reject your claim if the driver was engaged in commercial activities at the time of the accident. When a Uber driver causes an accident, liability may depend on whether the driver was considered an employee, an independent contractor, or was driving in their spare time at the time of the accident. The status of Uber drivers may also affect the amount that affected drivers or passengers can recover in damages in a personal injury lawsuit.

Rideshare Insurance Program

The best way to protect yourself from getting involved in an Uber accident is to join a rideshare insurance program. These programs cover all that Uber doesn’t, like damage to your personal property, injury liability for you and your family, and protection against uninsured/under-insured drivers.

Third-Party Insurance Coverage

The good news is that Uber has third-party liability coverage that pays out up to $1 million for property damage and bodily injury resulting from an accident. In short, Uber should have $1 million in insurance coverage to pay out passengers traveling in an Uber vehicle who get injured in an accident caused by another driver. If you were involved in an accident and were not injured, you can still receive compensation from Uber equal to what you charged for the trip.

Filing a Uber Accident Claim

If you or your loved ones get involved in a Uber Accident, first get necessary medical attention. Secondly, consult an experienced Uber Accident Lawyer. Depending on the fault in the accident and what the driver was doing during the accident, you can receive compensation for lost wages, property damage, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other losses through Uber’s insurance.

Filing an accident or personal injury case against Uber can be confusing due to the complicated compensation system. We at Garcia & Phan take care of all the complex law procedures so you can focus on healing.

When injured in an Uber accident, you should, at least, get a free, no-obligation consultation with a Uber Accident lawyer who is experienced with Uber accidents and takes care of Uber’s insurance policy to get a clear idea of what’s going on.

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