Fighting Hotel Injury Claims: How to get the compensation you deserve?

The number of injury claims in hotels has been steadily increasing. In the last two years, the number of injury claims filed has increased by nearly a quarter
Fighting Hotel Injury Claims | Garcia Phan Personal injury lawyers

Hotels are commonplace for employees and guests to get injured. The injury could be from improperly loaded equipment, a slip and fall accident, or even an assault by another guest. Hotel injury claim can also occur due to electrical shock, infectious bacteria from hotel swimming pools, and food-borne illness. Hotel owners must keep their workers’ and guests’ safe and secure on the property. If this is not managed correctly, there can be severe financial repercussions for both parties involved in the incident.

The number of injury claims in hotels has been steadily increasing. In the last two years, the number of injury claims filed has increased by nearly a quarter.

In 2016, nearly 6,000 reports of injuries in hotels were reported to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), according to their data. Of those, 2,000 reports came from California alone.

A new report from The Safe Hotels Project found that thousands of guests are injured each year in hotels. The injuries can range from minor to life threatening.

Some common Hotel Injuries include :

  1. Falls: 22% of all injuries
  2. Slips and falls: 18% of all injuries
  3. Water-related accidents: 15% of all injuries
  4. Fires: 8% of all injuries
  5. Housekeeping accidents: 7% of all injuries
  6. Electrical shocks: 3% of all injuries
  7. Smoke inhalation: 2% of all injuries

Filing a hotel injury claim is an uphill battle. Pinpointing the reason/cause of your injury can be difficult. Similarly, convincing the insurance company that you are entitled to compensation is also not easy. However, you need not go through this grueling process alone.

You can hire a Personal Injury Attorney to make things easier while filing Hotel Injury Claims. Make notes about the events leading up to your injury and take pictures of anything of relevance. If you need legal help, some firms specialize in Personal Injury law.

Things to know before filing a Hotel Injury Claim?

For filing a claim for a personal injury sustained at a hotel, there are a few things you must do.

  1. First and foremost, contact the hotel front desk immediately to notify them of your injury.

  1. Then, contact your insurance company or an independent travel agent. Finally, if you can’t get in touch with your insurance company or travel agent, call the police.

  1. It is crucial that you document what happened as soon as possible and to keep a detailed account of all injuries and losses incurred. Be sure to take pictures, videos, or notes of what happened and make copies of any documentation related to the injury.

How to file a Hotel Injury Claim to get proper compensation?

If you are unsure if you have a plausible Hotel Injury/ Personal Injury lawsuit, refer here.

As established above, getting injured while staying or visiting a hotel entitles you to compensation. You might be able to file a lawsuit against the hotel if they were negligent in their duty of care towards you.

You can file a lawsuit by filling out the appropriate forms and filing them with the court. You will need to provide evidence that the hotel was negligent, perpetrated fraud, or had some other wrongdoing for your case to have merit.

Look for evidence that the hotel did not follow their policies, such as locking the fire exits or ignoring requests to out wet floors signs, etc.

Importance of a Personal/Hotel Injury Attorney

Dealing with hotel injuries is never fun. If you’ve recently been injured while on vacation and need to file a claim for damages, it’s essential to understand how the process works to avoid any surprises.

Injured victims often need an attorney to get the settlement money they deserve for their injuries. Personal injury attorneys can help people who have been injured in a car accident, dog bite, or slip-and-fall. An excellent personal injury attorney will have experience handling similar cases, be well versed with your state’s regulations, and know the specific laws that apply to your lawsuit.

In case of an injury at a hotel, you should know your rights before filing a claim. As you can see in this article, compensation may be available to you if the hotel was negligent. Visit us now at Garcia and Phan Southern California Personal Injury Lawyer to learn more about how we can help with your claim or question.

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