Motorcycle Accident Laws In California: What you need to know?

Motorcycles offer little protection in accidents, motorcyclists are often seriously injured or killed in collisions with cars.
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Motorcycle Accident Laws In California: What you need to know?

Motorcycles are an accessible and low-cost mode of transportation; however, they include various risks. Because motorcycles offer little protection in accidents, motorcyclists are often seriously injured or killed in collisions with cars. If you get involved in a motorbike accident, it’s vital to recognize your rights and understand the capacity of effects on your actions. This blog post will provide an overview of the motorcycle accident laws in California and what you need to do if you are involved in a crash.

Motorcycle Accident in California

Motorcycle accidents can be hazardous and often lead to severe injuries or fatalities. According to the California Highway Patrol, there were 4,976 motorbike injuries recorded in California in 2014. Of those accidents, 859 fatalities and 3,117 resulted in injuries.

Motorcycle injuries account for approximately 15% of all traffic injuries inside California.

There are numerous motives for this excessive number of motorbike injuries. One purpose is that bikes are frequently tough for other drivers to notice. They may also be travelling at high speeds when an accident occurs, leading to more severe injuries.

Another factor contributing to the high number of motorcycle accidents is that motorcyclists are not required to wear helmets in California. It puts motorcyclists at a disadvantage in the event of an accident.

There are several matters that motorcyclists can adopt to lessen their threat of being involved and hurt in an accident. One of the most essential is always putting on a helmet while driving Other safety tips include wearing bright clothing, avoiding riding in bad weather conditions, and obeying all traffic laws.

The OTS publishes data on the types of motorcycle accidents in California. Many kinds of motorbike injuries can occur. Some are more typical than others. In California, the most common sort of accident is the collision when a vehicle makes a left-hand turn in the front of a motorbike. It accounts for about 42% of all accidents that involve motorcycles.

Other common types of accidents include:

  •  Motorcycles colliding with fixed objects (27%)
  • Riders being hit by other vehicles (9%)
  • Single vehicle accidents (7%)
  • Riders losing control (5%)

Motorcycle Accident Laws in California

Motorcyclists in California have a few laws to protect them in the event of an accident. Here are five of the most important:

  1. Motorcyclists can proceed through an intersection even if the traffic signal is red, as long as they yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.
  2. Motorcyclists can lane split.
  3. Motorcyclists can drive between lanes of stopped or slower traffic.
  4. Motorcyclists involved in an accident are not automatically at fault. The motorcyclist’s actions leading up to the accident and the other driver’s actions will get considered. Further, if a car hits a motorcyclist, the car’s driver is at fault, regardless of who was actually at fault in the accident. This law is beneficial because it protects motorcyclists from being held liable for accidents they are not responsible for.
  5. The law also states that a motorcyclist involved in an accident is entitled to the same damages as any other driver involved, regardless of injury level. This law ensures that motorcyclists get adequately compensated.
  6. There is no universal law requiring all motorcyclists to wear helmets while driving in California. However, certain cities and counties within the state have enacted helmet laws. For example, San Francisco and Los Angeles County require all motorcyclists to put on helmets. It is vital to check together with your nearby authorities to peer if any guidelines apply to you.

Things to do after you were involved in a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle injuries may be enormously traumatic, and the aftermath may be difficult and frustrating to bear. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, here are some steps that you should take to ensure your safety and protect your rights.

  1. Stay calm and assess the situation.
  2. Check for injuries and summon help if necessary.
  3. Gather proof on the scene of the accident.
  4. Contact a lawyer to speak and understand the details about your case.
  5. Follow your attorney’s instructions carefully.

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