Do I Need To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?

When should an injured person hire a personal injury attorney? Learn how personal injury lawyers represent their clients in court. Contact us now.
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Numerous individuals inquire, “Do I need to hire a personal injury attorney for my accident case?” The answer is often no if the accident is minor and there are no serious injuries. However, if you have sustained severe injuries in an accident, you should always consult with an experienced personal injury attorney.

When Don’t You Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

As a rule, for many minor personal injury cases, you probably do not need an attorney. This is true for a variety of reasons. Specifically, the presence of the following three indicators suggests that you may not require legal counsel:

  • The insurer is fully cooperative
    Insurers are more responsive to small claims than large ones. If you want less money, the insurance company may agree. Insurance companies don’t want their employees to spend hours on a small claim. They have more incentive to settle and move on.
  • You have a straightforward claim
    Smaller cases are less complicated than larger ones, as expected. Small cases may not require a lawyer to establish fault or damages. If you don’t understand your claim, contact a local accident attorney for a free review. However, claimants can often handle small cases themselves.
  • There is no room to add value
    In small claims, a lawyer may not add much value. This is true for the reasons mentioned (the insurer’s willingness to cooperate and the claim’s simplicity) but also because an attorney’s time costs money. If injuries are serious, a lawyer can help maximize your case’s value.

When Do You Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

  • You sustained severe injuries
    If you suffered major injuries in an accident, hire a personal injury attorney. This is especially true for complex damages like long-term/future medical costs, lost income, or pain and suffering. As these damages are harder to value than medical bills, insurance companies try to push victims into low, unfair settlement offers.
  • Fault for the accident disputed
    California uses negligence to determine accident fault. Complex accident cases can quickly become contentious. Multiple parties may share liability for the same accident in California, a pure comparative fault state. If you suffered serious injuries and fault is disputed, consult a personal injury lawyer.
  • You were offered less than a full settlement
    Victims are entitled to compensation for both economic and intangible damages. If the insurance company refuses to fully compensate you for your injuries, don’t accept it. A personal injury attorney can help you get the full compensation you deserve.
  • You are being ‘stonewalled’ by the insurance company
    Sometimes victims must deal with an uncooperative insurance company. This company may not return your calls or emails. If your insurer is unresponsive or unfair, contact an expert personal injury attorney immediately.


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