How to file a claim against an unqualified Truck driver who causes a truck accident?

Secure compensation against an unqualified truck driver in a truck accident. From legal expertise to personal injury claims, reclaim your rights and expenses.
File a case against an unqualified truck driver for a truck accident. | GP

If you suffered bodily harm in a truck accident in Orange County, California due to an unqualified truck driver, you may be able to receive a settlement for your injuries as well as any accident-related damages. The Standard Speed Law, which highlights the significance of driving at a reasonable and prudent pace based on highways, is described in Section 22350 of the California Vehicle Code. This legal code can be applied to establish fault as well as promote your compensation claim if the accident was triggered by the unqualified truck driver’s inattention, such as failing to obey safe speeds or speed limits. To get a full examination of your case, you need to consult with Garcia & Phan Southern California’s Personal Injury lawyer who is familiar with California traffic regulations.

Follow the steps to file a claim against an unqualified truck driver:

  • Seek Medical Attention: Following a truck collision, give your health a top priority. If you have any injuries, get medical help right once and ensure keep safe the medical records that will strengthen your claim case.
  • Inform the Authorities: Make sure an accident report is made and report the truck collision to the proper authorities, such as the police. This record may be essential to your personal injury lawsuit.
  • Collect Proofs: Take photographs of the vehicles, the damage, and any road conditions at the scene of the accident. In the event of a personal injury claim, pay special attention to any evidence relevant to the truck driver’s negligent behaviour.
  • Witness Statements: Involve an Orange County truck accident lawyer and obtain statements from everyone who saw the truck collision with an eye. These testimonies might support your argument and offer other viewpoints on the truck driver’s behaviour.
  • Write down the Truck Driver’s Irresponsibility: Take note of any incriminating information about the truck driver’s irresponsibility, such as moving infractions, strange driving patterns, or any indications of intoxication. This data is essential for determining fault.
  • Connect with Truck Accident Attorneys: Discuss with a licensed Orange County truck accident lawyer or one who deals in personal injury compensation. They can help you build a convincing argument and guide you throughout the legal system.
  • Explore Truck Accident Laws: Become knowledgeable about California’s laws about truck accidents, particularly those that deal with responsibility, carelessness, and damages for injuries sustained by individuals in the incidents.
  • Notify Insurer: Notify the truck driver’s insurer as well as your own insurance company about the collision. When making remarks, use caution and wait to assign responsibility until you’ve spoken with your lawyer.
  • Invoices and Healthcare Data: Maintain thorough records of all the things you’ve been prescribed, and paid for, and any necessary follow-up care. The computation of personal injury compensation requires this information.
  • Begin the Claim Process: To get started with the formalities of filing a personal injury claim, initially fill out the claim form and contact your truck accident attorney. This means collecting the necessary documentation and submitting it by the deadline set by California law.

How Garcia & Phan Southern California Personal Injury lawyer can help?

A proficient lawyer at Garcia & Phan Southern California can help truck accident victims establish who is at blame and negotiate a reasonable settlement. If you have been in a major accident, insurance companies will want to settle your case for far less than you deserve. provided negotiations do not result in a fair settlement, you can file a lawsuit provided you have competent legal representation. In court, a skilled Sutter County truck accident attorney can protect your entitlement to reasonable compensation.


If you were in a truck accident in California with an untrained driver, you might want to look into filing a compensation claim under the applicable laws. When proving carelessness, California Vehicle Code Section 22350—which deals with the Basic Speed Law—may play a crucial role. It is crucial to traverse this legal terrain with the assistance of an experienced Orange County truck accident lawyer to safeguard your rights and build a stronger case for just recompense. Take immediate action as personal injury claims may be subject to time constraints. Contact Garcia & Phan Law at (714) 586-8298 to embark on the path toward justice in California.


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