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Explore average car accident settlement in California with personal injury lawyers. Get insights from the best Riverside car accident lawyer near you.
What is the average car accident settlement in Riverside CA | GP

Car crashes occur often on California’s overwhelmed roads. Car accident victims in California may have to battle with serious injuries and even death in some cases which is generally considered as a wrongful death in the state, for which the responsible make have to spend jail time for the conduct. However, to recover the losses and damages the state law is believed to provide the sufferer with a settlement payment. 38,824 Americans died in road accidents across the country, as per figures released by the National Road Safety Administration of the US Department of Transportation. This emphasizes the importance of understanding probable dangers and legal remedies. Given this knowledge, you might be curious to learn what happens if you become involved in an accident in California. What is the average settlement amount for a California car accident, and how is the sum of compensation estimated? To collect the answers to all these queries must connect with the expert car accident and personal injury lawyers at Garcia & Phan Southern California.

Know the primary elements that are often used to calculate the overall value of a car accident settlement in California:

The Insurance Fact Book states that the average amount paid out for a bodily injury claim is $15,270 in CA. Remember that various elements determine the amount of a vehicle accident settlement. Exploring the many factors that contribute to a settlement amount is crucial because it can provide you with the knowledge you need to confidently navigate the settlement process. Here is a list of these factors:

  • Car Insurance
  • Medical Expenses
  • Legal expenditures 
  • Lost Earnings
  • Property Damage

All of the components listed above, as well as others, can have a substantial influence on the entire economic value of the plaintiff’s losses in a car accident claim. To ensure that your case gets proper attention and that you obtain the full amount of compensation to which you have a right to cover the extent of your damages, you should make contact with an experienced Riverside car accident lawyer, irrespective of the degree of seriousness of the injuries you suffered.

Maximize a car accident settlement with Garcia & Phan Southern California, a personal injury lawyer.

After a car accident in the Golden State that wasn’t your fault, the legal experts at our personal injury law firm “Garcia & Phan Southern California, ” can help you get the maximum car accident settlement compensation. Being a top-rated and highly recommended Riverside car accident lawyer, we will help you through the accident claim filing process and see to it that you get fair settlement payment for your losses though its for physical injury, mental stress, or property damage. Just be with our skilled personal injury and car accident attorneys to defend your rights and work to get the best compensation possible for your case.


What to do after a car accident if is not your fault is everybody’s big concern in California when you get engaged in a car accident. They also become curious to know how to file an insurance claim for a car accident as this sort of claim helps recover the bodily injuries and the damages that happened to the vehicle. If you too are one of them and seek legal consultation to get the accurate answers to your concerns then do reach is to Garcia & Phan Southern California and speak to our expert Riverside car accident lawyer right today. Our best car accident lawyer will make you well aware of each aspect of a car accident in California including, how to file an insurance claim for a car accident, what legal entitlements to which you are liable post a car accident, how much should be the average car accident settlement, how much does a car accident lawyer cost and more. Contact us at (714) 586-8298 for get free case evaluation.


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