Call our Top Car Accident Lawyer in Huntington Beach for injury claims.

Contact our top car accident lawyer Huntington Beach for expert assistance with personal injury claims and pain and suffering compensation.
Call our Top Car Accident Lawyer in Huntington Beach for injury claims. | GP

Do you know what is pain and suffering cause when you hit by a car? It includes long-term psychological harm, loss of delight in life, mental pain, emotional suffering, and physical damage. Also, when pedestrians are hit by cars on Californian roadways experience pain and suffering. Further, do you know that when a person hit by a car can be eligible for emotional pain and suffering settlements? However, we bet only a few of you would have an idea about the average settlement for pain and suffering in a car accident. So, if you are one of those who do not have an idea about how much is pain and suffering worth for a personal injury insurance claim in California and how an experienced car accident lawyer at Garcia & Phan may help you achieve respectful car accident physical therapy settlement that you deserve then the car accident lawyer in Huntington Beach will be your best guide in making you aware of everything you must know about car accident injury claim in the USA.

The CA laws that take care of personal injury claims for car accidents

  • California Civil Code Section 3333
  • California Civil Code Section 1714
  • Section 335.1 of the California Code of Civil Procedure

How an Experienced car accident lawyer in Huntington Beach help you secure an average settlement for car accident pain and suffering?

  • Precise Case Evaluation: 
    The lawyer will thoroughly assess your vehicle damage, including pain and suffering, to determine the value of your personal injury car accident claim and determine the usual reimbursement for pain and suffering from a car accident.
  • Accessing the Personal Injury Claim Process: 
    Legal experts with a sound grasp of California laws will help you file a personal injury claim, ensure that all necessary paperwork is filed accurately and on time, and handle any possible problems.
  • Gathering Facts: 
    Your car accident lawyer in Huntington Beach will gather crucial proof, including medical records, settlement paperwork from your vehicle accident’s physical therapy settlement, and witness testimonies, to provide a strong case for your pain and suffering compensation.
  • Negotiation with Insurer: 
    To obtain a fair personal injury insurance claim and to obtain pain and suffering compensation that accurately represents the psychological and physical effects of the event, they will engage in insurance company negotiation.
  • Increasing Settlement Value: 
    The lawyer makes use of their expertise to attempt to secure the highest settlement amount for your psychological suffering after a car crash. Getting a settlement that appropriately compensates you for your suffering while accounting for the severity of your injuries and their impact on your daily life is the intention.

Initiate a car accident injury claim lawsuit? Choose the best attorneys at Garcia & Phan Southern California.

To file a lawsuit for injuries received in a car accident, rely on the knowledge of Garcia & Phan Southern California Personal Injury lawyers. With a broad record of success in this field, our attorneys specialize in defending people injured in traffic accidents. Car accident lawyers in Huntington Beach provide committed legal assistance, supporting you at each stage of the procedure. We put forth every effort to get you the money you are due, from obtaining proof to negotiating with insurance companies.


The personal injury attorneys at Garcia & Phan Southern California are your go-to representatives in the wake of an automobile accident. We put your well-being first and battle nonstop to get you the money you are due because of our success in the past and dedication to excellence. Don’t wait any longer to obtain justice. Make an appointment for a consultation to begin the process of obtaining the financial compensation and legal representation you require to proceed with confidence. Contact us at (714) 586-8298 to get more from a car accident lawyer in Huntington Beach.


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