How To Bike Safely After Dark in Orange County?


It’s not a given that you’ll be able to ride your bike safely at night. It’s a skill that must be developed over time. As a result, if you’re planning on riding your bike after dark, there are some safety precautions you should take.

Garcia & Phan Personal Injury Lawyer can help if you’re hurt while biking after dark as a result of someone else’s carelessness. We’re here to help. If you hire us, there is no fee unless we win your case. So long as your bike accident claim is successful, you won’t have to pay legal fees.

Ride Somewhere Familiar Where You Are Visible

Even though taking the same path over and over again can get boring, it’s important to stick to well-known routes at night. When you know where you’re going and what to expect, you’ll feel more at ease. Avoiding areas known for speeding, drunk driving, and high crime by planning a familiar route ahead of time can help you have a safe trip.

Follow The Law

Expert bikers advise using bike lanes whenever possible, riding in the opposite direction of traffic, avoiding highways, and not using drugs or alcohol before heading home late at night on your bike.

Add Reflective to Your Bike And Gear

According to recent studies, adding reflective strips to your bike’s pedals can be just as effective as adding reflectors to your bike’s rear. With each pedal stroke, the reflectors move quickly enough to catch the eye of oncoming traffic. Remember to include reflectors for your pedals or shoes when putting your safety gear together.

Have Back-up Gear

To avoid having to fix your bicycle in the dark, make sure it’s in good working order before you leave. The best “fail-safe” plan for nighttime bike rides is to equip your bike with extra gear. The second set of tools, spare parts and backup lights should be carried at all times as a precaution.

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Even if you’re well-prepared for your nighttime ride, accidents do happen, and that’s why we offer free consultations at Garcia & Phan Personal Injury Lawyers. As a result, if you’ve been injured while biking as a result of the negligence of another party, we can assist you.

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