Is landlord Liable for Injuries You Suffered in a Fire?


Things can be swapped out for new ones. However, if you narrowly escape death in a fire, it can have profound effects on your life. Any kind of burn hurts. When you’re trapped in a fire and you’re running out of oxygen, your life flashes before your eyes. If you’ve been injured in a fire while living on your landlord’s property, you may be wondering if your landlord liable for your injuries.

To begin, keep in mind that property owners and managers in Los Angeles are subject to certain laws regarding upkeep. If a building, such as a multi-unit apartment complex, is up to code and the residents are safe, the landlord has a responsibility to see to it.

Let’s say your apartment’s kitchen catches fire while you’re in bed. You’re confined to your bedroom. Fire escape outside your room is not working properly. Perhaps you fear you will never be able to escape.

Thankfully, the fire department arrives quickly and saves your life. Several weeks are spent in the burn unit of the local hospital. Despite your gratitude, you have a lot of questions for the first responders.

Later on, you learn that the fire resulted in citations for your landlord. The police are investigating why your apartment does not have smoke alarms. When you ask why they haven’t been put in, your landlord admits he never got around to it. Obviously a problem with the fire escape is also present.

Fire-Related Negligence

Property managers and owners have a duty to keep their buildings safe from hazards that could start a fire. An investigator from the fire department must first determine the origin of a fire. If you’re lucky enough to avoid injury, the owner or manager of the property may be responsible for repairing any damage you caused by using a service.

If the fire in your apartment was not started by you, an investigation may point to the property owner or manager as being at fault for not taking adequate fire prevention measures.

Here are a few examples of property owner mistakes that could result in a blaze:

  • Not installing and checking fire alarms or sprinkler systems
  • Poor fire detector and alert system in the building
  • Inadequate number of fire doors; poor signage
  • Faulty or exposed wiring
  • Defective electrical appliances
  • Gas Leaks
  • Dryer fire
  • Broken outlets
  • Failure to maintain furnaces and water heaters

Preventive maintenance of all required fire protection equipment installed on a property is specified in the Los Angeles Fire Code as a minimum requirement.

Victims of a fire may suffer serious or even life-threatening injuries. When landlords fail to take the necessary precautions to keep their properties safe from fire, it can have disastrous consequences. When someone is injured in a fire, they may suffer burns or breathing problems as a result of inhaling smoke.

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