What Types of Cases Do Premises Liability Lawyers Handle?


Do you require the services of a lawyer specializing in premises liability? Your legal rights may be one of many questions you have if you or your child have been injured on someone else’s property.

Many different types of cases are handled by premises liability Lawyers. To get the financial compensation you deserve, you need an experienced premises liability lawyer to help you sue the property owner or tenant.

10 Common Types of Premises Liability Cases

Lawyers who specialize in premises liability take on a wide range of cases involving landlords and tenants. All property owners and tenants are included in this category. In the event of an accident in a government building, park, or another public facility, premises liability attorneys also handle claims against government entities.

Here are 10 of the most common examples of premises liability claims:

  • Slip and Fall Accidents

A slip and fall accident can be caused by a variety of things, including spills, recent cleaning, rainwater accumulation, and more. Property owners and tenants who fail to take reasonable precautions to prevent a slip and fall accident (such as cleaning up a spill or roping off a hazardous area) may be held liable if an accident occurs.

  • Trip and Fall Accident

The same is true for slip-and-falls. Uneven walking surfaces in stores and restaurants, as well as cracked sidewalks, can cause people to trip and fall. Property owners and tenants in City are obligated by law to correct dangerous property conditions that contributed to the victim’s injuries, despite insurance companies’ best efforts.

  • Falls Involving Stairs, Escalators, and Moving Sidewalks

Serious injuries are frequently the result of falls on escalators, stairways, and moving sidewalks. If you or your child trip and fall on a moving sidewalk or escalator, you may have a premises liability case.

  • Injuries from Falling Objects

Visitors who are injured on a property due to falling objects, such as stairs, may have a premises liability claim. This includes things that fall from store shelves, things that fall from construction zones, and other things that fall from high places.

  • Dog Bites

Premises liability law encompasses claims involving dog bite injuries as well. If a dog attacks someone, the owner is almost always liable under US law. These injuries are covered by homeowners and renter’s insurance.

  • Parking Lot Accidents

Unless properly designed and maintained, parking lots can be dangerous. When parking lots are poorly maintained, there are numerous hazards that can lead to mishaps or injuries.

  • Playground Accidents

In California, playground accidents are all too common. Children’s play causes some of these accidents, but playground equipment also has a role to play.

premises liability claims can be brought against public and private playground owners because of unsafe playground equipment, improper construction or installation of playground equipment, unsafe walking surfaces, insufficient mulch or mats and insufficient playground maintenance, among other things.

  • Swimming Pool Accidents

In California, it’s not uncommon for people to get hurt in swimming pools. When it comes to claims brought by accident victims and their families, it’s common for them to raise concerns about things like unsafe decking materials, overcrowding, and other problems.

  • Amusement Park Accidents

The Orlando area’s theme parks are meant to be memorable, but all too often they are memorable for the wrong reasons. Accidents such as slipping and falling, tripping and falling, and so on are common. Families may be entitled to compensation if an accident occurs at an amusement park.

  • Fires, Collapses, and Other Catastrophic Events

In addition to fires and building collapses, premises liability attorneys also deal with other types of catastrophic events. These incidents frequently have tragic outcomes, leaving a swath of people and families saddled with financial debt, emotional distress, and physical suffering for the rest of their lives.

Talk with Garcia & Phan Premises Liability Attorney Can Help You Now

Premises liability claims, as you can see, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A premises liability lawyer can advise you on your legal options if you or another member of your family has been seriously injured or killed as a result of dangerous conditions on someone else’s property.

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