Switching Attorneys in the Middle of a Personal Injury Case


When you hire a personal injury lawyer to handle your lawsuit, you expect them to be experienced, knowledgeable, and competent enough to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Why Do People Switch Personal Injury Lawyers?

A person who has been injured may switch attorneys for a variety of reasons. Here are a few of the more common rationalizations for this phenomenon.

  • You have no confidence in or ties to the lawyer.
  • It’s rare that you’ll hear back from the lawyer, if at all.
  • You get the impression that the attorney is uninterested in your case
  • The direction in which your case should go is a point of contention between you and your attorney.
  • It’s taking far too long to resolve this case.
  • Your lawyer was either barred from practicing or passed away before you had a chance to hire him.

How Do I Switch Lawyers?

Find a New Attorney
– Before firing your current attorney, look for a new one. It’s possible that terminating your relationship with your current attorney before you’ve found a replacement will cause the settlement process to stall.

Retainer Agreement – You will sign a contract of representation with your new Orange County personal injury lawyer. According to the agreement, the attorney has the right to represent you in court.

Attorney Change – There will be paperwork sent from your new lawyer to the old one as well as the court and the insurance provider. It’s clear from the paperwork that they’ve taken over your case from the previous attorney.

Before Hiring an Orange County Personal Injury Attorney

An experienced Orange County personal injury lawyer who is dedicated to obtaining the maximum compensation for your injuries is what you’re after. Finding a good personal injury lawyer, on the other hand, can take a long time and be difficult. Especially if you’ve suffered a life-altering injury and are now unable to provide for your family.

Be sure to read online reviews and ask friends and family for recommendations before speaking with an Orange County personal injury lawyer.

Ask to see the lawyer’s office after you’ve spoken with him or her. Keep an eye on how employees interact with one another and with clients while you’re there. How tidy and organised is the workplace, or how disorganised?

Should You Change OC Personal Injury Lawyers? Let’s say you’re not happy with your current attorney. That being the case, consulting with another personal injury law firm may be beneficial. It’s possible that your financial well-being is on the line. Garcia & Phan Personal Injury Lawyers Call (714)-586-8298 for a free consultation


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