Check out why your car accident settlement is taking longer time to settle down your personal injury claim.

Discover reasons behind delays in car accident settlements. Learn about personal injury claims and find a car accident injury lawyer near you.
Why your car accident settlement is taking so long | GP

Car accidents occur often on California’s overloaded roadways. Victims affected by other drivers’ recklessness experience a range of diseases and may even die. Nationwide, auto accidents took 44,148 lives in 2022. Therefore, knowing the average settlement for a car accident might help you prepare for the possibility that you may need to file a lawsuit in the state of California to recover damages if you are unable to stop a collision. However, you may face some delay or denial in getting the settlement amount, and if this makes you curious to know why is my car accident settlement taking so long that the “car accident injury lawyer near me” at Garcia & Phan Southern California help you identify the reasons behind such delays.

Reasons behind the delay in car accident settlements in California:

  • Accident intensity 
    In cases where the accident was modest and only caused minor injuries and property damage, the settlement procedure could go more quickly. The procedure may take considerably longer, though, if the accident is more catastrophic and results in substantial injuries or fatalities since there might be more factors up for debate.
  • Assistance from the defendants 
    The settlement process might go more quickly if everyone is prepared to cooperate and speak clearly. However, you should anticipate a lengthier case if there is a dispute or a lack of collaboration. 
  • Accountability 
    In California, the person who is “at fault,” or accountable, for an automobile accident is held accountable. An insurance company will identify the cause of the accident before making a payout. In certain cases, it might take a while to establish that the other motorist was entirely at fault. If one or more parties share the fault, the settlement amount will be lowered. Your best car accident attorney might also need to invest time in conducting a thorough accident investigation to establish the other driver’s liability. 
  • Excessive settlement amount 
    Undoubtedly, the greater the accident’s significance, the greater the chance that your case will result in a sizable award. Insurance firms do not immediately transfer large sums of money. They go through cases to uncover details that might lower compensation. Delaying the case might also be an attempt by the insurance company to get you to accept a lower offer. Remember that the average settlement for a car accident depends on several factors, however, under Section 16020 of the California Vehicle Code drivers show a minimum balance of $15,000 as their ability to pay damages occurred due to an accident while they are arriving.

Contact a car accident settlement lawyer at Garcia & Phan to enjoy the quick settlement process.

We are going to offer you an estimated time frame for case resolution when you reveal your legal situation to our law office. In California, a lawsuit must be brought within two years of the injury. It is best to consult with a legal representative as soon as possible, as the court will most certainly drop the complaint if you miss this deadline, even unintentionally. Contact Garcia & Phan Southern California’s best car accident attorney today to find out more about how we can help.


In the unfortunate event that a car accident settlement in the Golden State takes longer than expected, knowing why the delays are occurring can help you remain educated and patient. Having the best car accident attorney from Garcia & Phan Southern California is essential to defending your rights and ensuring that the legal process proceeds. You can manage the wait and strive for the best possible conclusion more skillfully if you have the correct information and assistance for your car accident settlement case. Contact us at (714) 586-8298 to get a free case evaluation.


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